The GetReal Initiative brings together partners from the IMI GetReal project to drive the sustainable adoption of tools, methodologies and best practices from IMI GetReal and thereby increase the quality of real-world evidence (RWE) generation in drug development and regulatory/Health Technology Assessment (HTA) processes across Europe. In this way, the project is committed to maximizing the societal value of public and private investments in the IMI GetReal project. The project will run from June 2020 until April 2021 and will be continued as the GetReal Institute.

Ultimately, the GetReal Initiative wants to drive the standards for quality and innovation in RWE generation as well as embedding the use of RWE in decision making within industry, regulatory and HTAs with the ultimate goal of improving prescribing in routine clinical practice and patient outcomes. This will result from the translation of the knowledge generated in IMI GetReal into new approaches to drug development and value assessment through long term and coordinated co-operation between all stakeholders in the healthcare ecosystem, aligning with the vision of IMI2 to improve the efficiency of Research & Development (R&D) processes and accelerate access to medicines.